A.I. Breakthrough in Black Cancer Health

A.I. Breakthrough in Black Cancer Health

In a significant development, Leal Health announced the introduction of a cutting-edge AI capability designed to interpret and translate genetic test outcomes for cancer patients. This breakthrough technology aims to bridge the gap in personalized treatment options by addressing the lower participation of African American patients in filling out their mutation status during genetic testing. 

The study, based on a diverse cohort of over 10,000 cancer patients who completed a questionnaire revealed that African Americans had a reduced likelihood of disclosing their mutation status, impeding their access to advanced targeted therapies tailored to their specific mutations. 

“The goal for all cancer patients – regardless of race or ethnicity – is to make informed decisions about treatment options based on accurate interpretation of genetic testing,” Dr Avital Gaziel, Co-founder and Chief Science Officer at Leal Health mentioned in a press release.

As a solution, Leal Health launched a platform feature enabling patients to upload their genetic test results and leverage the power of an algorithm for comprehensive analysis. The data also showed the disparity in genetic testing rates among African American cancer patients compared to other racial groups.

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