Biden Gives U.S. Endorsement of Finland and Sweden Joining NATO

President Joseph Biden signed papers officially providing a U.S. endorsement of NATO membership for both Finland and Sweden. The two countries applied for membership in May as Russia’s war in Ukraine continued on. All 30 NATO allies must approve adding Finland and Sweden to the alliance for them to become members. President Biden’s remarks:

“Just a few months ago… I welcomed President Niinistö of Finland and the Prime Minister Andersson of Sweden to the White House to demonstrate the strong support the United States had for Finland’s and Sweden’s decision to apply for membership in NATO. And, two proud and independent countries. Each with a long tradition, a long tradition of nonalignment, exercising their sovereign right to make their own decisions about their own security and responding to the will of their citizens, following the democratic processes that they have, choosing to join NATO. It was and is a watershed moment, I believe, in the Alliance, and for the greater security, stability, not only of Europe and the United States but of the world.”

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