Borrowing While Black: Minimize Debt, Maximize Success

A brand new book, Borrowing While Black (Melanin, Money, & Matriculation) is a must-have resource. It addresses everything you need to know about student loans and how to graduate successfully. Author Dr. Tisa Silver Canady has advised students and families on repaying more than $50 million dollars in student loans. 

Dr. Tisa Silver Canady

“I’m proud to be Black, and I want other people to be proud as well, and I want them to understand that collegiate success, financial success…being Black doesn’t mean that you don’t have the ability to succeed,” Dr. Canady told AURN News.

“It’s just that the way that this system is set up, there’s resources that are not as readily available to you, and that makes your experience different, and I’m here to combat that situation with information that I hope they will take advantage of,” Canady added.   

Borrowing While Black (Melanin, Money & Matriculation) is a part of a new series that will soon also include “Black Women Beyond the Bachelor’s” and “When Borrowing Become a Family Affair.”

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