Checking In: Michelle Williams Pens Her First Book On Mental Health

Michelle Williams is gearing up to release her debut book titled Checking In, which has already become a no. 1 best seller in the depression genre based on pre-orders.

Checking In: How Getting Real About Depression Saved My Life — And Can Save Yours is Williams’ first book.

“I went ahead and shared parts of my life that may be considered too much information but I can’t act like life hasn’t come with some challenges! It makes me more thankful for the wins!” she wrote on Instagram.

In relation to her forthcoming book release, Michelle Williams also launched a “Checking In” podcast back in December 2020 that dives deep into depression and healing. She not only opens up about her personal experience with depression, but is joined by special guests who give insight on the condition as well.

Much like the podcast, the book of the same name offers the same experience.

“If you’re going to be checking in with others, you have to know who those others are and what they stand for. You need safe people. You need people who want you to win,” she writes.

Back in 2018, Michelle Williams opened up about her struggle with mental illness, even taking a break from the spotlight to focus on self-care.

We’re glad to see her healing and helping others heal, too!

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