Civil Rights Organization Creates Emmett Till Hate Crime Alert

August 28th will mark the 67th year since the heinous murder of then-14-year-old Emmett Till at the hands of white supremacists. And now as this nation still grapples with white supremacy, a group in Maryland has revealed the first of its kind Emmett Till alert system created by AlertMedia.

It gives notifications about possible hate crimes. Civil rights consultant Carl Snowden appeared on WTTG in Washington, DC, to talk about what it entails:

“We have put together an alert system that when a hate crime takes place, every Black elected official in the state of Maryland will be notified, all major civil rights organizations. This allows us to have a rapid response to hate crimes. And it’s our hope that by putting this together, that we will be able to inform the community how widespread hate crime is in the state of Maryland.”

The alert would be based on the severity of the crime: low, medium, and high. Low would be like vandalism; high, a mass shooting. The hope is that other states, municipalities, and organizations will soon adopt this system.

Click ▶ to listen to the report from AURN Washington Correspondent Ebony McMorris:

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