Florida Residents Brace for Powerful Hurricane Ian

President Biden warned that Hurricane Ian could be very severe. He made his comments at the White House as the storm is expected to slam into the west coast of Florida.

“My administration is on alert and in action to help the people of Florida, and I directed my team to surge federal assistance there before the storm hit,” President Biden said.

The president says much of the help involves FEMA.

“FEMA has already deployed 700 personnel to Florida, and the governor has activated 5,000 State National Guard with another 2000 Guard coming from other states.”

Speaking to reporters at the White House, FEMA Chief Deanne Criswell said the storm surge will be powerful.

“Get ready and do not underestimate the potential that this storm can bring,” Criswell said.

She also warned about the possibility of tornadoes and said FEMA will be fully ready with emergency assistance once the storm passes.

“Ian is moving toward western Florida at approximately 12 miles per hour, and at this time we are expecting landfall somewhere between Fort Myers and Tampa,” said Criswell.

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