Google CEO Warns of Impact of AI

Google CEO Warns of Impact of AI

Google and Alphabet CEO Sundar Pichai has warned that every product of every company will be impacted by the quick development of AI. In an interview with CBS’ “60 Minutes” that aired on Sunday, Pichai stated that society needs to prepare for technologies, like the ones Google has already launched.

“60 Minutes” interviewer Scott Pelley tried several of Google’s AI projects and expressed concern over the human-like capabilities of products, such as Google’s chatbot, Bard.

Pichai told Pelley that jobs that would be disrupted by AI would include “knowledge workers,” such as writers, accountants, architects, and even software engineers. He explained that AI could help clinical radiologists identify the most serious cases in their list of patients each day and flag if they have missed something important in their diagnosis.

According to Pichai, generative AI could act as a “super-powered assistant” to help people in everything they do. Google previously found that AI chatbot ChatGPT could hypothetically pass interviews to be hired as an entry-level software engineer at the firm.

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