GOP Planning for House Majority, Sets Legislative Agenda

This November, Republicans are predicted to at least take back control of the House. On the other hand, the Senate is still up for grabs, as many polls indicate that key races are still in a dead heat. While the GOP expects control of the House, they’ve already begun to plan their agenda for the future.

Black Congressman Burgess Owens of Utah says education reform is needed here in the U.S. He recently promoted a “Parental Bill of Rights.”

“For far too many decades, our children have been trained by antiquated and unfiltered education system. They go into the world unprepared, angry, hating our country, trained by a system focused more on the welfare of bureaucrats and union–labor union bosses than our precious children. The Republican party’s commitment to America will get our country back on track. We’re going to pass the parents bill of rights, ensuring transparency and restoring the voices of moms and dads. We will make it very clear that parents are the primary stakeholders for their children’s education,” Owens said.

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