How Should the Queen Be Remembered?

“The end of an era, the longest reigning monarch ever in the UK and probably the best-loved monarch in the UK,” said one man among many lining the streets in Scotland to watch as Queen Elizabeth II’s coffin moved to a cathedral in Edinburgh.

In his first address to Parliament as the new monarch, King Charles III spoke about his mother’s devotion, saying, “she sets an example of selfless duty.”

And while many are mourning the queen’s death, others say you must speak the truth about Britain’s historically brutal empire. Members of the Aotearoa Liberation League say you have to tell both sides.

“Some people are saying that celebrating or minimizing the death of the queen is insensitive. That may be true. But in my view, it’s even more insensitive to saturate our media with celebratory posts about a person who for many people is a symbol of genocide, colonization, and all the violent institutions that came with it,” one member said.

Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral is one week from today, Sept. 19.

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