Jekalyn Carr Mourns The Loss Of Her Grandfather

Our thoughts and prayers are with gospel singer Jekalyn Carr who lost her grandfather this past week. 

“Some of you know and some of you don’t know, my grandfather made his transition this past Sunday morning. These past few days have been extremely painful for my family and I,” she revealed on Instagram. “Your prayers, encouraging messages(posts), and phone calls are much strength to us during this time. Thank you!”

While pushing through, Carr has continued to inspired others. This week she announced that she’d be releasing a 5-week “Principles To Winning In Life” e-course. 

“This is a very strong and pivotal opportunity that I have to give you powerful information and principles to make sure that your life is lining up with God’s word concerning you,” she says about the course.

Before the new changes in her life, she released two new songs called “Changing Your Story” and “Power of Love. Click here to take a listen!

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