Jolie Noire Fashion: Keyondra & Kim Lockett Discuss Representation, Being Black Women In Business [VIDEO]

They say if you want something done right, you have to do it yourself. And in a world where representation of Black women is still at a low, sisters Keyondra (singer/songwriter) and Kim Lockett (fashion stylist) – a model duo of Christian faith – launched their own clothing line called Jolie Noire.

Jolie Noire stands for “Pretty Black” in French, and that’s exactly what Keyondra and Kim want consumers to remember: Black is beautiful.

“We are primed to think dark colors (specifically black) are negative and light colors are positive,” a statement on their website reads. “In an effort to level the playing field, we’re working to shape the minds of onlookers and change the meaning, emotions, and values associated with black. Color is something that doesn’t come pre labeled, we label it… At Jolie Noire we choose to believe that black, like other colors, is beautiful!” 

In our interview below, the Lockett sisters discuss the importance of representation of all Black bodies in fashion and how they’re contributing to it, plus what’s trending and how they’ve become more vocal as Black women in business.


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