Marvin Sapp Releases New Single, “Thank You For It All”

How amazing it when God uses our pain to overcome our fears? It sucks going through, but there’s a blessing in every lesson. Marvin Sapp speaks to it in his new song titled, “Thank You For It All.” 

Noting the fact that he’s still standing tall, Sapp sings: All that I am is because all that you brought me through. And everything I’ve survived is all because of you. Thank you for it all. The good, bad, the ugly, great and small.

What a message, right? It’s his first single since his 2017 hit, “Close.” 

“This song epitomizes the season we are in,” Sapp says. “Through the good and the bad, the ups and the downs, the pandemic and the protests, being people of God means we are rooted in thankfulness to our merciful Father, regardless of our circumstances.”

Take a listen:

[embedded content]

Like what you heard? Download it here.

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