New Music From Voices Of Fire Choir And Pharrell Williams Coming Soon!

RCA Inspiration has been one of the most influential and admired labels in Gospel music. They recently announced a deal with Voice of Fire to release new music in a partnership with Pharell Williams

Voice of Fire and Pharell Williams?! That sounds like an interesting duo that we all should be looking forward to! 

The new choir is looking forward to recording their first full length debut album in a future date.  This new and upcoming choir is featured on a Netflix docuseries “Voice of Fire.” The “Voices of Fire” Netflix series follows the journey of forming this new choir as Bishop Ezekiel Williams, Pharrell Williams, and a team of other gospel leaders lead a search for fresh voices in the Hampton Roads, VA region.  

Make sure to go check that out! Also don’t forget to look out for more content from this upcoming duo!

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