New Research Sheds Light on Black Teens’ Online Habits

New Research Sheds Light on Black Teens’ Online Habits

(AURN News) – In a rapidly evolving digital landscape where social media platforms come and go, new research from Pew Research provides a comprehensive look at how Black American teens navigate the vast expanse of the internet. The survey, conducted with participants between the ages of 13 and 17, unveils intriguing insights into their online behaviors.

YouTube emerged as the undisputed leader, with Pew’s findings underscoring its popularity among teens who turn to it for a diverse array of content, ranging from educational videos to entertainment. When it comes to social media, TikTok emerges as the reigning king, primarily captivating the attention of Black teens. The study reveals that eight in ten Black teens actively engage with TikTok, while Snapchat and Instagram follow closely behind in the social media hierarchy.

The survey also notes a significant shift from a decade ago, indicating that fewer young people now use Facebook and X (formerly known as Twitter). However, Pew did find that Black teens exhibit distinct patterns in their social media use. Notably, they surpass their counterparts in the use of X (formerly known as Twitter), revealing a unique affinity for the platform. 

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