NY Lawmakers Convene Special Session to Address Guns and Abortion

“I look forward and I continue to look forward to Thursday’s extraordinary session, as they pass responsible regulations here in the state of New York,” New York attorney general Letitia James said.

In New York, lawmakers are making good on a promise to fight two Supreme Court decisions. The New York state legislature will be in Albany on Thursday for a special session to address guns and abortion.

On guns, the Supreme Court made it easier to legally carry firearms in public. Governor Kathy Hochul says she wants a bill that would allow businesses and private property owners to protect themselves if someone brings a gun onto their property.

“We’ll be acting upon legislation that we’re putting forth. And my team is reviewing all of our options. We’re going to make sure we have the strongest protections possible,” Hochul said.

On the issue of abortion, while it is legal in New York, some lawmakers want to use public funds to make sure that the state remains a safe haven for those seeking reproductive healthcare since there will be so many restrictions in other states. But there is significant pushback from some lawmakers, and it remains to be seen if that measure will be passed.

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