Welcome to the Pastor’s Office, Philadelphia’s center for political discourse. Following his Sunday service at the Northeast Baptist Church, Rev. Mason will go to his office, turn on his microphone, and talk to national newsmakers about the issues of the day.

Whether it’s economic disparities, education inequities, the upcoming election, voting processes, police reform, or COVID 19, Rev. Mason will interview guests with strong opinions and solutions for the challenges we face. Come join us in “The Pastor’s Office” as we seek to inform, engage, and create pathways to change for all of the communities we reach.

Previous Guests and Contributors

  • Jesse Jackson
  • Geraldo Rivera
  • Ambassador Andrew young
  • Roland Martin
  • Anne Gordon
  • Pastor Jamal Bryant
  • Tamika Mallory

About Jonathan A. Mason, Sr.

Global Leader. Prolific Pastor. Savvy Entrepreneur. Community Change Agent.  

The mantle of humanitarianism continues to rest on global leadership, excellence, and life-changing impact for Jonathan A. Mason, Founder and CEO of JAM Media Solutions, Pastor of Northeast  Baptist Church, and Immediate Past International President of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity Inc. As Jonathan is a man who serves his community, he also had a stellar career in radio, which turned into ownership for him a few years ago. He is the owner of stations located in North Carolina, Iowa, newspapers, and digital. Trailblazing excellence and committed service have been constant throughout Mr. Mason’s life. He has worked to impact the fabric of global humanity and he has excelled at every stage of his life and career. He is raising his beautiful sons, Jonathan Andrew, Jr., and Jackson Alexander. He humbly and continuously states in awe, “To God Be the Glory for the Things He has Done!”