Pennsylvania Governor To Sign Police Reform Bill

Gov. Tom Wolf is scheduled to sign the first bills passed by Pennsylvania’s Legislature following nationwide protests against police brutality after the death of George Floyd. reports: 

Under the bill, a department must conduct background checks of job applicants that require an applicant’s former department to disclose information on the officer’s employment history. That history must disciplinary actions, complaints and reasons for separation.

The Municipal Police Officers Education and Training Commission must maintain an electronic database containing that information, although the bill does not allow public access to the database.

The other bill requires officers to be trained every other year in how to interact with people of different racial and ethic backgrounds and to receive annual instruction on de-escalation and harm-reduction techniques.

Moving forward, officers will be required to undergo a mental health evaluation after using lethal force and if there are signs of PTSD, then cleared by a doctor to go back to work. 

Source: Fox 29