Philadelphia Officials “Reevaluating” Plans To Reopen City

Photo Credit: Philly Mag

Philadelphia was scheduled to enter a Green Phase this Friday (July 3), but city officials are now reevaluating its original plan due to a spike in coronavirus cases nationwide. 

Health Commissioner Dr. Thomas Farley told “Good Day Philadelphia” this morning that it “looks like we’re not going to meet the targets that we had laid out to go green.” reports: One of the biggest targets Dr. Farley has pointed to in the past was a consistent decrease in cases over four weeks. He also says the city may not be meeting their daily case targets. Health officials have reported an average of more than 100 new cases per day in the city for the last week, which is an increase from prior weeks.

Farley said the city isn’t going to close businesses that have already opened back up, but they are weighing next steps for others. 

To help combat the spread of the coronavirus, city officials issued a mandatory order requiring residents to wear face masks in all public indoor and outdoor areas where people are within six feet of each other.