Proud Boys Fined $1 Million for Vandalizing Black Church

Proud Boys Fined $1 Million for Vandalizing Black Church

In a ruling that has historical significance, a Washington D.C. judge has ordered the Proud Boys, a white supremacist group, to pay more than $1 million in damages for vandalizing a predominantly Black church.

The vandalism took place in December 2020, just days after then-President Donald Trump lost his re-election bid. Members of the Proud Boys burned a Black Lives Matter sign and tore down a banner at Metropolitan AME Church, one of the oldest Black churches in the U.S. The church sued the Proud Boys for the damages, and last week, Judge Neal Kravitz approved a default judgment against them after four of the named defendants failed to show up in court.

Judge Kravitz called the vandalism a hateful and overtly racist attack and ordered the four defendants and the group’s LLC to pay the church just over $1 million.

The ruling is a significant victory for the church and the Black community as it sends a message that hate crimes will not be tolerated. It’s also a reminder of the long history of white supremacy in the U.S. and the need to continue to fight for racial justice.

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