Rep. Adam Schiff: It Would Be ‘Dangerous’ Not to Indict Trump

“The attorney general has committed to follow the evidence wherever it may lead, and it has led to Donald Trump. And so I think the president should be investigated. But whether they’ll ultimately conclude they have proved beyond a reasonable doubt to charge him and to convict him, that’s that will be up to the department.”

That was Rep. Adam Schiff, who says it will be very dangerous if the Department of Justice does not indict former President Donald Trump over his actions during the January 6th attack on the Capitol. And on ABC’s This Week, Rep. Adam Kinzinger gave his assessment:

“People who have been, you know, hardcore with Trump that now just can’t stand him. It’s enough to make a bit of a difference within maybe a GOP primary.”

Trump is becoming politically less relevant. The committee announced further hearings will resume in September. This while Trump aides say that it’s just a matter of time before the former President declares that he’s running again.

Click ▶ to listen to the report from AURN Washington Correspondent Ebony McMorris:

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