Resurfaced Video Of Raphael Warnock’s Arrest For Praying At The Capitol Exposes Double Standard [VIDEO]

The double standards between protests by Black Americans and white Americans are not surprising, but still chilling. 

In 2017, Rev. Raphael Warnock was arrested at the U.S. Capitol after peacefully kneeling down to pray in the rotunda. It was in opposition to healthcare cuts in President Donald Trump’s proposed budget. Warnock and others religious leaders with him who were singing hymns were surrounded by Capitol police who cuffed them on sight. 

Quite the opposite happened last week (January 6) when white MAGA rioters violently stormed the Capitol during the Electoral College vote and were waved in by some officers who didn’t seem to guard the barricades as well as they had during Warnock’s arrest or even last summer’s Black Lives Matter protests outside of the Capitol. 

But God…

The double standard comes on the heel of Warnock’s big win in the run for Senate.  

On the same night, Warnock, who is the senior pastor at Ebenezer Baptist Church in Atlanta where Martin Luther King, Jr. used to serve, became Georgia’s first Black U.S. Senator. He’s Georgia’s first Democratic Senator in 20 years and the nation’s 11th Black U.S. Senator. 

A lesson to be learned as we also saw during the Capitol riots with Rep. Lisa Blunt Rochester who was spotted praying when rioters sieged the Capitol: PRAYER OVER EVERYTHING. 

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