Rev. Dr. Charley Hames Jr. Releases 60-day Devotional Plan For The Spirit

Rev. Dr. Charley Hames, Jr., senior pastor of Beebe Memorial Cathedral in Oakland, CA who grew his church from 81members to 3,000members, is the author of three transformative books.

His latest? Notes From The Doctor: The 60 Day Devotional Treatment Plan For The Spirit

Notes From The Doctor is described as the spiritual journey that will nourish your soul daily to help you maintain a satisfying life. It was made to help guide you through life’s trials and turbulence by saturating your heart with God’s word dailyNotes

From the Doctor, which is published by Dr. Hames Jr.’s Spirit Driven Publishing company. The hardcopy of the book is available now at Barnes & Noble, Amazon and on The audiobook will be available October 15th.