Sunday Best’ Season 9 Winner Melvin Crispell III Releases Debut Album

Rising star and BET “Sunday’s Best” season nine winner Melvin Crispell III has released his debut album titled “I’ve Got a Testimony.”

Melvin Crispell III grew up in a household where music was adored and loved. The first song on his album is “Wonderful Is Your Name,” which was written by his father, Melvin Crispell Jr. The album also includes songs including “Not the End of Your Story (Sunday Best performance),” “Without You,” “My Favorite Gift (featuring Joshua Copeland)” and “He Can,” from his first EP, Prologue III

With the challenges in the world, Crispell is thankful to have completed the album and shared the inspiring message of God’s power and love, calling on the hope and strength needed. The 10-track album is due on September 4. 

Melvin Crispell III: I’ve Got a Testimony Tracklist

  1. Wonderful Is Your Name
  2. Without You
  3. Not the End of Your Story
  4. My Dance Is A Victory
  5. The Blessing (feat. Maranda Curtis)
  6. Power of God
  7. Testimony
  8. God of Miracles
  9. My Favorite Gift (feat. Joshua Copeland)
  10. He Can