Supreme Court Faces Affirmative Action Crossroads

Supreme Court Faces Affirmative Action Crossroads

The future of affirmative action could be just ten days away, as the Supreme Court’s conservative majority questions the legality of diversity at higher education institutes.

Previously, during arguments, rigorous debate arose concerning the role of race in admissions programs at esteemed institutions, such as the University of North Carolina and Harvard. Expressing skepticism, all six conservative justices questioned the practice of considering race as a factor despite its longstanding endorsement by previous Supreme Court decisions.

Conversely, all liberal justices staunchly defend the program, echoing the policies of many universities. Warning of an upheaval, Solicitor General Elizabeth Prelogar, representing the Biden administration, argued that abandoning race-conscious college admissions would have a detrimental impact, causing a drastic decline in black and Latino student enrollment in the nation’s top schools.

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