T.D. Jakes Urges Church Leaders To Help Drive Race & Policing Conversations

T.D. Jakes published an op-ed on FoxNews.com earlier this month detailing his thoughts on what he called “a new account of a Black person being slaughtered by police officers or individuals with ties to law enforcement” happening so often.

Since COVID-19 alone, there was Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery and most recently, George Floyd. But what about the countless others who don’t get national attention? 

To that note, T.D. Jakes said the misuse of power requires a national conversation and an action plan that holds police departments accountable and incorporates penalties for misuse of power. 

“It’s time for a national conversation on policing and race. Now. It is a national conversation that needs to be followed by an action plan and buy-in from an array of parties, including clergy, community leaders, police unions, the U.S. Justice Department, the White House, Congress, state legislatures and municipal and county officials,” he wrote, adding that “such a plan must address issues like the absence of national standardized hiring and training practices for police officers and the implementation of more de-escalation training. It must lay out a process for expeditiously ridding police departments of troublesome officers.”

Bishop Jakes added, “Being a Christian means speaking out against injustice – even if you are not directly affected by it. Christian leaders need to work toward demonstrating to the public at large that they recognize that all humans are precious in God’s sight.” 

Read his full article here.

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