Tamika Mallory Discusses Next Steps Towards Change In America Amid National Protests [EXCLUSIVE]


If you think your mask makes it hard to breathe, imagine being Black in America. “Until everybody has a seat at the table of success, America will never truly see its promise,” Philly’s Favor 100.7 FM founder and Pastor Jonathan Mason says. 

We’ve seen the lack of in a long list of Black lives gone too soon. Most recently, George Floyd, Breonna Taylor and Ahmaud Arbery. While we’ve been fighting COVID-19, we’ve also been fighting for justice for being criminalized because of the color of our skin.


Until Freedom co-founder Tamika Mallory called in during Philly’s Favor debut to discuss next steps in real change amid national protests calling for social justice and police defunding. It starts from the top, but together we can move mountains.

“[President Donald Trump] is sitting at the most powerful office in the world and I think his rhetoric, tone and lack of desire to bring communities together and try to appeal for healing is exactly what incited some of the violence and vandalization we saw happening on the street,” she said, referring to recent protests and looting. “We need to make sure that while we’re out there protesting…we’ve got to make sure that we travel down on our marching route the street of filling out the census form because as this country begins to brown, what we have to understand is that the resources that come out of the numbers from the census will determine what goes into our communities and how this country has to respond to a new browning America. We also have to make sure we register our people to vote.” 

Listen to the full interview below: