Three Dead After Shooting in St. Louis High School Monday Morning

In St. Louis, three people are dead and at least seven others suffering from injuries after a gunman barged into Central Visual and Performing Arts High School this morning.

School superintendent Kelvin Adams said there were seven security guards in the school. One on each door. One guard noticed the man was trying to get in and couldn’t and notified officials.

During the press conference, the police chief provided an update:

“Officers arrived within a couple minutes of the call going out. They immediately made entry into the school. There was a shooter armed with a long gun. They ran to that gunfire, located the shooter. One adult female has been pronounced [dead] in a local hospital. We have one teenage female remaining here at the scene. She’s also been pronounced [dead] as a result of injuries received.”

The gunman is also among the dead. Students barricaded themselves inside classrooms.

Police Commissioner Michael Sack says the shooter was around 20 years old but no name has been provided.

Click ▶ to listen to the report from AURN White House Correspondent Ebony McMorris:

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