Watch: Tamela Man – “Touch From You” [MUSIC VIDEO]

Tamela Mann released a touch new music video for “Touch From You” this week and we can’t help but notice how fly she is (see below)! 

On a more serious note though, the video takes place in nature’s beauty and pays tribute to Black lives lost too soon. It was originally scheduled to debut in Fall 2020, but the lyrics ended up being fitting for the time we’re in now. 

“I hope this song will touch people, especially during the pandemic and civil unrest across the nation,” Tamela says. “One part of the lyric goes, ‘Can you hear the voices of your people crying out?’ People are crying out for so many different things. They’re praying now more than ever. We need God’s touch. We need the Lord to send a cleansing. We need a refreshing. We need to know the Lord is with us.”

While filming the music video for “Touch From You,” Tamela was hit in the face by the drone that captured a lot of her scenic shots and left her with small scratches. For her, it was confirmation that the song would bless somebody. 

“I was calm and once we finished, I said, ‘The enemy is mad because he knows that this is about to help and bless so many people,’” she says. “It was the craziest thing how it happened. I couldn’t believe how calm I was.”

In addition to the new music, Tamela and her husband David Mann will be starring in a new Tyler Perry series airing September 2 on BET+ called Assisted Living. 

Until then, check out Tamela’s new video for “Touch From You” below!  

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