Watch: Tauren Wells And Kirk Franklin Team Up For “Millionaire (Good Like That)” Video

Tauren Wells and Kirk Franklin have teamed up in a new song called “Millionaire (Good Like That),” in which they released a music video for this month.

“I met Kirk Franklin in 2012 in LA, at the GRAMMY Awards! Never in a million years would I expect meeting someone I’ve listened to and admired for years, much less getting to make a song and music video with them — that’s a whole mood. But by the goodness of God that day is here, with the official music video for our song ‘Millionaire’ out now,” Wells says.

It’s a light-hearted song that pays tribute to the countless times God shows up for us.

“’Millionaire’ is that subtle reminder that every time someone doubts the God we serve, He shows up that amount again and again. Not to mention having the opportunity to work with the young fly artist Tauren Wells,” Franklin says. “Working with Tauren was nothing less than an honor. He is charismatic and brings a freshness to gospel music.”

Both Kirk Franklin and Tauren Wills will be featured on the Stellar Awards this Sunday, August 23. Franklin is hosting and Wells is scheduled for a solo performance of his new version of “Trenches” featuring Donald Lawrence & Company.