We Wear the Mask: 6 Black Cosplayers Making Their Mark

The American Urban Radio Networks’ digital team has spent a lot of time visiting comic book festivals that celebrate the diversity of Blerdhood. One element that always stands out is the cosplayers who show up and show out. Many of the cosplayers we interviewed cite the power they feel when they dress up. They love playing with inspiration, imagining looks and showing off their creations when everything comes together. That’s why we decided to put together a list of six Black cosplayers you should know.


Isake is all about living life unapologetically. She’s a Queer cosplayer who loves to dance (especially pole dance) and is all about that costume life. One of her favorite characters to portray is Ariel from The Little Mermaid, but she’s diverse and can go from burlesque to Harry Potter really quickly. She is also the cohost of the podcast Cheers and Queers, which brings visibility to Black Queer issues.


This Bajan beauty switches it up from Dark Phoenix to Lola Bunny, and she even incorporates fly carnival styles into her looks. Her Instagram is full of vibrant photos with a lot of costume inspiration. 


With a bold and unique sense of style, this cosplay goddess is also a fashion designer. Her skills come in handy whenever she is trying to interpret her favorite characters, from X-Men’s Oya to Wolverine to burlesque looks and more. She puts a spin on classic characters and sometimes creates her own.


This Florida-based cosplayer does a lot of MIB cosplay and with good reason — he’s a Will Smith fan and sometimes even resembles the movie star. He is also into fitness and men’s fashion, so his IG feed reflects a variety of interests. But his Men in Black agent game and Fifth Element cosplay are pretty epic.


This community page is an ode to the colorful Black women in the world of cosplay. There are a variety of takes from Naruto to Daphne from Scooby Doo to Josephine Baker—and pretty much anything else you can think of.


Smoove Cosplaya is all about family, MMA,
salsa dancing—and cosplay, of course. You can catch him at the comic
conventions dressed as GI Joe, Falcon, Nappa from Dragon Ball Z and more. He extends love to the cosplaying community
by featuring others who are killing the game.

Who are some of your favorite Black cosplayers? Check in with us over @AURNOnline on the gram!

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