What’s the Future of China-U.S. Relations?

So what happens next in the United States’ relationship with China after Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi visited Taiwan? The White House is speaking out about it. Here’s press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre:

“You know, she has the right to go to Taiwan. She has the right to travel wherever she wants. She is the Speaker of the House. She is a member of Congress… We will not ever tell her where to go. And we’ve been really clear with China… We have said no policy changes at all. The One China policy stands and the president just a week ago today spoke to President Xi. It was the fifth time that they spoke. They continue to have an open dialogue… I just want to make that really clear… They’re the ones escalating here.”

China’s foreign ministry recently announced the cancellation of future phone calls and meetings between Chinese and U.S. defense leaders.

Click ▶ to listen to the report from AURN’s Jamie Jackson:

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