Will Biden Face A Democratic Challenger In 2024?

Will President Biden face a challenger from his own party for the 2024 election? Illinois Governor J.B. Pritzker raised eyebrows several times recently, hinting that he may be one of them.

The chatter first began when he traveled to New Hampshire to speak at the state’s Democratic convention. At the time, he said his goal was to help other Democratic governors to get elected. Pritzker has noted that he is not pushing for someone to challenge the president. But when he was asked about it, he said it wasn’t something he was encouraging but felt that it was possible for someone to challenge Mr. Biden. He also mentioned that he was focused on being reelected as governor.

Regardless, this upcoming presidential election will certainly be one for the history of books. According to NBC News, Pritzker sidestep questions about how Biden has handled the economy, which led to even further speculation that he would possibly run for president.

Back in 1980, Jimmy Carter was challenged for the nomination by Massachusetts Senator Ted Kennedy. Carter went on to lose against Republican Ronald Reagan.

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