Blackout Day 2020: Ways To Protest With Your Wallet

You’ve probably seen #BlackOutDay2020 making its way across the internet by now. So, what is Blackout Day?

Blackout Day 2020 is a campaign organized to get people to buy Black and show the power of the Black dollar on Tuesday, July 7. It challenges people to avoid in-store and online purchases, unless from a Black-owned business.

It comes as a response to recent injustice and protests, and in light of a lack of diversity in a lot of major corporations where we’ve seen that if there is a Black person in leadership, it’s related to a diversity/inclusion/engagement role. #BlackOutDay2020 sends a message that says “enough is enough.”

Here’s how it works…

  1. Sign up and take the pledge at
  2. Accept the #BlackOutDay2020 challenge by posting: “I accept the #BlackOutDay 2020 Challenge and promise not to spend a dime in a store or online on July 7th” on Twitter and/or Instagram.
  3. Don’t spend any money in person or online on July 7th unless it’s a BOB (Black owned business) for the entire 24 hours.

People are also encouraged to donate to Black startup businesses, community funds, museums and charities on this day.


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