Rep. Lisa Blunt Rochester Spotted Praying During U.S. Capitol Riots [VIDEO]

Prayers for our nation were extra loud yesterday (January 6) when rioters stormed the U.S. Capitol as Congress gathered to count Electoral College votes.

Among the prayers of people on the outside looking in were prayers from the inside. Big and loud prayers. Prayers of unwavering faith in God to turn things around. The powerful prayer was caught on video and it showed Congresswoman Lisa Blunt Rochester (D-Del.) not only praying for the safety of her peers under attack, but for the attackers, too!

With all the chaos going on in the room, her words came across faint, but obviously bold.

“Father God you have all power. We know that all things work together for the good…so we are trusting right now in the name of Jesus…peace in the land, peace in this country…right now in the name of Jesus,” she prayed. “Protect all of our brothers and sisters in this Congress. Protect America…we thank you right now in this moment.”

When you think about it, it was a true depiction of faith moving mountains because the unfortunate event could have gotten worse had the huge crowd made their way into the room while U.S. representatives were still present.

He’s an on-time God!

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