SEASONS: Charles Jenkins Releases Book About How To Grow In Times of Transition


Charles Jenkins has some tips for people going through transition in his new book, SEASONS.

Having recently endured change himself (retiring from his two-decade role as senior pastor at Fellowship Baptist Church in Chicago), SEASONS: How To Grow And Succeed During Times Of Transition explores what it takes to seek clear direction during seasons of change.

“Never have we seen a time of global transition that has affected, if not decimated, every country, corporation, sector, family and individual. There is no socio-economic or even spiritual construct that has not, in some way, been overwhelmed. All plans and projections have been disrupted. All of our proposed strategies have in a moment aged to antiquated irrelevance. Inside we clasp our hands and secretly ask, ‘What’s next?’ Charles Jenkins’ latest book, ‘Seasons: How to Grow & Succeed during Times of Transition,’ holds many insights, solutions, and enlightened perspectives about the tough decisions, options and dilemmas that keep many of us up at night,” Bishop T.D. Jakes said about Jenkins’ new book. 

SEASONS: How To Grow And Succeed During Times Of Transition is now available on Amazon. For more info on the release, visit 

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