Tauren Wells To Host Upcoming Conversation On Faith Life & Culture

On October 27, Tauren Wells will lead a cast of popular and well-known influencers including Tim Tebow, Tori Kelly, Travis Green and more in an outspoken conversation about the crossing of faith and culture. They’re set to engage in a lively and wide-ranging discussion about mental health, the struggle to find unity in diversity, and how to find hope in tough times..

“This is a critical moment in history for believers to model what conversations around challenging issues look like,” Tauren says. “This conversation inspired and challenged me to think differently, to dig deeper, and listen harder. All things we could all get a little bit better at! I wanted this experience available with the election looming because we need a poignant reminder that as believers, we are in this world but not of it. That there is a kingdom that supersedes every kingdom of this earth — the Kingdom of Heaven and our true citizenship is there, not here.”

For tickets and more info, visit taurenwells.com.


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