Inflation Reduction Act Passes Senate

The Inflation Reduction Act, which Democrats say addresses climate change and healthcare, has passed the Senate. It now heads back to the House and will soon be signed by President Joe Biden. Before its passage over the weekend, Sen. Tim Scott, a Black Republican from South Carolina, had this to say:

“In this underlying bill, there’s $87 billion for the IRS. Democrats want to make the IRS the three letters you never want to see in your mailbox. Bigger than the Pentagon, the State Department, the FBI, and the Border Patrol combined. Instead, Mr. President, what my motion does is it would take $45 billion from enforcement and give it to parents so that they can help their kids make up for the learning loss that occurred during the pandemic.”

When brought to a vote, Sen. Scott’s motion to amend the bill was not passed.

Click ▶ to listen to the report from AURN’s Jamie Jackson:

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