5 Gospel Songs To Keep You Motivated Through The Fall Season

Ever have that one gospel song that can just change your mood in a matter of seconds? The positive lyrics, the melody of the song and just the song itself can take you out of the dark place that you are in and also offer motivation.

We came up with five songs we are confident will keep you motivated as we enter this new season and whenever you’re feeling down.

1. “Won’t He Do It” by Koryn Hawthorne


Won’t He Do It is a fresh sound for gospel music. This song constantly reminds us that no matter how hard things get, God will always come through for us. Won’t He Do It is a moment when God shows up in your life unexpectedly without warning or notice, but with power, love, and certainty that reminds YOU that He is in total control.

 2. “Break Every Chain” by Tasha Cobbs


With everything going on, especially with the COVID-19 pandemic, sometimes it’s hard to keep faith. Break Every Chain motivates us to break every chain for everything in our lives we think is holding us back from God.

3. “No Weapon” by Fred Hammond


No Weapon encourages us to keep the faith and stay strong, no matter what trials and tribulations you come across in life. God is with you and you aren’t alone.

4. “God In Me” by Mary Mary


God in Me reminds us that God is consistently blessing us and sending blessings to us. Even through all the hardships, God doesn’t leave us alone he is always by our side.

5. “They That Wait” by Fred Hammond


They That Wait reminds us that we should always wait on God’s timing because what he has planned for us in our life and into our future. This motivates us to wait on him as we handle the battles we go through on a daily basis.

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